Metabolic Rate Analysis

What’s Your Metabolic Rate?

Your body’s unique resting metabolic rate (RMR) is how many calories you would burn if you were to do nothing but rest for 24 hours. It makes up a big chunk of the energy required to keep your body functioning (60 -70%). Add this amount to the number of calories you need to perform daily activities and complete your exercise routine and you get your daily caloric requirement.

Resting Metabolic Rate

60% of Daily Calories

Activity & Lifestyle

30% of Daily Calories


10% of Daily Calories

Get Empowered

At Walnut Lake Wellness, we perform a simple test to accurately determine your RMR. Knowing your RMR is key to figuring out how many calories you need to lose, gain or stay at your current weight, and keep your body functioning well. In addition it allows us to:

Determine if you have a slow or abnormally high metabolism

Get a customize a weight loss/ maintenance program based on your metabolic needs

Learn the precise information you need to reach your goals or sustain your progress

Track how your DEXA scan correlates with your metabolic health

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