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At Walnut Lake Wellness, we are constantly looking for the best tools and products to augment your efforts for healthy weight loss and increased fitness. We are proud to announce that, after extensive research, we’ve partnered with Team Beachbody and Metagenics to provide our patients with a comprehensive suite of weight loss and fitness options.

The team at Walnut Lake Wellness highly recommends Shakeology dense-nutrition shakes in addition to the specific tools and fitness plans offered by Team Beachbody detailed below. They also highly recommend the line of Women’s Health products offered by Metagenics.

Discover the Benefits of Shakeology

Proteins and Fiber – to help reduce hunger and food cravings

Globally-Sourced Superfoods – to provide a delicious nutritional base and powerful energy source

Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals – to help fight free radical damage and help support a healthy immune system

Adaptogen Herbs – traditionally used to help the body adapt and respond to the effects of stress

Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes – to help nutrient absorption and support regularity and healthy digestion


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We highly recommend Shakeology dense-nutrition shakes. These shakes are not only delicious; they are packed with superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Taken daily, these shakes help patients maintain energy levels, reduce food cravings and support healthy digestion and regularity. Flavors include Vanilla Vegan, Cafe Latte Vegan, Café Latte, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Greenberry, Tropical Strawberry Vegan and Chocolate Vegan.

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Empower your taste buds to pick their favorites with this delicious new sampler pack. Not only have all five of Shakeology's whey flavors been enhanced with two new powerful superfoods—Matcha and Chaga—their vitamins and minerals got bumped up too! Although we believe in continual improvement with Shakeology's formula, what didn't change is its deliciousness that the world has come to know and love.

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The easiest way to figure out which flavors you savor the most is by sampling them all, of course. This vegan sampler not only has all four dairy-free flavors, including our two newest ones, Vanilla Vegan and Café Latte Vegan, but each flavor is loaded with our new superfoods—Matcha and Chaga. Once we discovered these superfoods' superpowers, we had no choice but to add them to the mix while keeping the same great taste.

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Go Green!

This amazing boost contains one full serving of nutritious green veggies that provides vitamins, minerals, and healthy phytonutrients to your body. It's like you're like eating 2/3 cup dark leafy greens, 1/3 cup cucumbers, and 1/3 of a large celery stalk. Plus, this unique formula helps support the body's acid/alkaline balance.

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Need a Boost?

Get over half of your daily recommended amount of fiber when you add this boost to Chocolate Shakeology. With a unique blend of 7 grams of both soluble AND insoluble fiber packed into every single scoop, this formula stands apart from typical fiber supplements that contain only soluble fiber. This powerful boost helps improve regularity, support digestive health, and helps keep you feeling full longer.

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Get Energized!

This unique formula is designed to give you a wholesome boost of energy—both for your mind and body. Not only will it help you feel more energized from 100 mg of natural caffeine from guarana and green tea, it also supports mental clarity, alertness, and focus, and helps increase stamina. Plus, there are no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

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Give Your Kids Some Sunshine!

Daily Sunshine is a 3-in-1 smoothie designed just for kids and, of course, adults too! If you struggle to get your kids to eat their daily fruits and veggies and need something quick and easy to grab and go, this smoothie is a must have. Not only is it delicious, it also gives your kids the proper nutrition they need each and every day.

We recommend 3-Day Refresh and the 21-Day Ultimate Reset to patients that need to kickstart their nutritional wellness plan. - The Walnut Lake Wellness Team

Detox, Energize, and Burn Fat Fast

Feeling tired? Need to lose some weight? We can all use a healthy detox and an energy boost to rev up your metabolism. We recommend the following products to quickly get back on the right course on your fitness and weight loss journey.


The 3-Day Refresh will help you lose weight fast. But it does something even more important—it helps build your fat-burning metabolism. By nourishing your body and helping you break the cycle of bad eating habits, you’ll feel the benefits for weeks to come.


Feeling tired and sluggish? Give yourself an inner-body tune-up. In just 21 days, the Ultimate Reset can help you gently restore your body to its optimal factory settings, to help you feel energized, enjoy better digestion, lose weight, and reclaim your overall health.


Optimize Your Nutrition

Walnut Lake Wellness recommends the vitamins, probiotics, supplements, and medical foods offered by Metagenics, a California-based dietary supplement manufacturer that has been around for more than 30 years. We believe that they offer our patients exceptional products that are safe and effective.

Portion Control Made Simple

Nobody likes to count calories. It takes too much time and guesswork. The cookbook and containers below can help keep you from overeating without having to count calories. We think they are great tools to have in your wellness optimization arsenal.


Enjoy the foods you love and still lose weight with the FIXATE® cookbook, Autumn Calabrese’s very own collection of 101 delicious, recipes designed to work with portion control food containers.


Forget counting calories! These color-coded containers help you portion out the right amount of food, so you never eat too much or too little. It’s the simplest way to always get your best results.

Using portion-controlling containers is a great method to manage food intake. It also helps you plan ahead to ensure you include healthy foods in your diet every day. - The Walnut Lake Wellness Team

Get Fit On Demand!

Walnut Lake Wellness has partnered with the #1 home fitness company in the world to offer our patients fitness solutions that you can fit into your busy schedule. Patients can join our Beachbody On Demand membership which is a website and mobile app that allows you to stream P90X, INSANITY, 21 Day Fix EXTREME, INSANITY MAX:30, FOCUS T25, 3 Week Yoga Retreat, or any one of over 400 other world-famous Beachbody workouts right on your TV, smart phone, tablet or computer.

No matter where you are in the world — whether you’re in your house, at the gym, or on vacation — you can access all of the fitness program guides, over 400 workouts, a healthy cooking show and more on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can work out, no DVDs required. The annual access for Beachbody On Demand is just $99, making it a very economical solution for getting your exercise in regularly.

Sign up for a Beachbody On Demand Home Fitness membership and stream from anywhere! 


Need the ultimate challenge? Get the All-Access Beachbody On Demand with the Shakeology Challenge pack. It includes digital streaming for a full year with a 30 day supply of Shakeology.

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